About Us

The Pakistan Psychological Society is a network of psychologists united together for the promotion of psychological science and enhancing community’s well being in Pakistan. The society comprises of members from all over the Pakistan. So far, the society has the largest membership in Pakistan.
The society is a non for profit organization registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. The society was established with a view to provide a platform to psychologists so that the mutual interaction may be enhanced resulting in greater understanding of the subject leading to increased productivity.

The society has the following purposes/goals:

  • To promote psychology as a scientific, professional, and applied discipline
  • To launch advocacy campaigns for raising awareness about psychological services and psychologists
  • To work for the creation of network of psychologists
  • To impart trainings & arrange workshops/seminars/conferences in applied fields of psychology
  • To publish psychology magazines, Journals & Periodicals etc.
  • To work for the creation of new posts for psychologists in public & private sector organizations
  • To frame Code of Conduct and Ethical Principles for Pakistani psychologists
  • To offer various psychological services to different communities
  • To work as a bridge between various psychological organizations at national and international level
  • To develop certification and licensure procedures for psychologists in various fields in Pakistan
  • To work for the formation of Psychology Boards and Professional Examinations Systems
  • To provide an opportunity of membership to young professionals and students
  • To support and conduct indigenous research in Pakistan  
  • To contribute actively to the formation of national policy regarding various internal and external issues related to Pakistan
  • To provide free advisory services to the public
  • To develop mechanisms for training of psychologists in various job fields
  • The Organization will run on non-political and non-commercial basis