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The Pakistan Psychological Society is committed to advance psychology as a discipline and profession. It spreads the message that psychologists make a difference and are dedicated to the betterment of community at large through improving scientific knowledge.

Pakistan Psychological Society’s members form a dynamic group that advocate the need and rationale of psychologists at all levels of public enterprise. They strive to promote community’s well being, enhance peoples’ health and to contribute toward the socioeconomic growth of Pakistan.

Pakistan is a developing nation. The role of psychologists for the social growth of society cannot be denied. Psychologists have been serving in different walks of Pakistani society contributing to the uplift of society and masses. The formation of a platform for psychologists of Pakistan is needed strongly. Pakistan Psychological Society is such an example.

What is Psychology

The multidisciplinary science of Human behavior and mental functions.

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2nd PPS Conference is on 4th November 2017

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